Friday, January 08, 2010

Codename: Konspirasi Yahudi

I would like to apologize on the behalf of Muslims all over the world over the burning of the Metro Tabernacle church and the attempted arson of the Assumption Church. I know this doesn't cut it but we are totally with you in thinking the arsonists are arseholes.

I for one demand Qisas, the Muslim version of the biblical an-eye-for-an-eye. No, not burn a mosque down. That's stupid, mosques aren't the culprit here. No, we should capture these arsonists. Burn their asses. On national TV.

Malaysian Muslims are almost lethally undereducated when it comes to religions in general, their own or otherwise.

Malay Muslims think that drinking Holy Water, which is apparently made by sacrificing the bastard children of priests and nuns, by the way, will magically make them not be able to recite the Syahadah.

Malay Muslims think that the Hindu worships cows. Hinduism does not advocate the worshipping of cows. Rather, she venerates them like she venerates mothers.

Malay Muslims think, now this is the most famous and stupidest one, that Jews have nothing better to do in their lives other than conspire the fall of the Muslims.

This Konspirasi Yahudi is the explanation to everything, it seems. Israel-Palestinian war? Yahudi. America's bloodthirsty international policy? Yahudi. Malaysia's '98 economic crisis? Yahudi. 9/11? Duh, of course Yahudi. I think some of them actually blamed the Jews for sugar shortage in Malaysia.

I mean, if I didn't know any better, I'd say it's a Konspirasi Yahudi that made Malay Muslims blame everything on the Jews to appear stupid, uneducated and violent.

Malay Muslims are bringing themselves down. A sad fact but there it is. Not all of us are that ignorant and obtuse, of course, but like it or not, the majority of us ARE.

Violence, wasting money and energy, all these bad emotions over something as trivial as a name. And not even a proper name, at that. You are embarrassing and embarrassing others, man.

A friend of mine told me it's fine for me to hold my stand because I know that a name is only a name. Most of the rest is an uneducated bunch.

Why not channel all those anger and energy and bad mojo into doing something productive? Like educate these ignorami?

Ignorance, I say, is forgivable but Obstinacy, however, is not. We live in the age of Internet. Knowledge is a click away. There is no excuse that you are this ignorant. It should be a sin to be this ignorant in the age of Internet.

Konspirasi Yahudi indeed.

Two songs that represent my feelings on this matter:

I seem to like Lily Allen now.


Liyana Mazni said...

Oh I feel this entry man....

Fuzzy A! said...

In a good way, I hope. Welcome, Liyana Mazni, whoever you are, to the crazy world of Fuzzy!

Liyana Mazni said...

Yes in a good way, and I'm Iman's classmate. =D.

Fuzzy A! said...

Oh... You're THAT Liyana. I feel something's missing when we're not annoying Iman together.

Liyana Mazni said... worries, we'll go bug her on her blog, im going to be a follower of both u guys punya blog fr now on! kwangx3.

Fuzzy A! said...

I don't post too much these days. And usually only on controversial/negative matters. My old friends were convinced that I was suicide-prone and an emo to boot. Haha.

Liyana Mazni said...

Haha suicide prone,...aiya screw those who can't accept the truth..

Fuzzy A! said...

Nah, they accept the truth, it's just that they were worried because I'm so angry all the time in my posts. Haha.

Maher said...

oh johan, where that black background go? many black lovers have shifted to be with white..this cannot be!

Fuzzy A! said...

A new year, a new look, man. Something to fit a new view, maybe.

Aku sebenarnya wanted to go with yellow but that's too perky for me. This one nampak simple but at the same time cluttered as well: I loikes!

Sapa lagi jadi Michael Jackson nih?

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Fuzzy A! said...

I don't know whether to be proud or insulted by that since I do think some of my better writings were done in the past. Thanks for your feedback, though.

Anonymous said...

Brim over I assent to but I dream the list inform should secure more info then it has.

Fuzzy A! said...

I don't really know if that's a jumbled-up machine translation or spam.

Anonymous said...
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